Welcome Transplanted Professionals!  

Who we are:

This is the website for the "Transplants" group. We're a social group for professionals, ages 20's - 50's, couples and singles, who have moved into a new city and want to build a circle of friends and a sense of community in their new city. (And you can join even if you're a native of the city where you live.)

The group began in 1990, in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.  We now also have a branch in Nanaimo, BC -- frankly, that's because my husband and I moved there and it made sense to start it up again.

How to get involved if your city is listed:

Each city that is involved has its own message board (see sidebar to the left) so Transplants in that city can post events, comments, suggestions, etc.

If you like this idea, please click on your city's message board and post a message: feel free to plan your own event, ask a question, form a book club, etc. And then--get the word out in your city!  IMPORTANT:  Please know that this is not a “secure“ site so if you post info such as your email address, etc., it will be available on the internet.  

One final note:

Of course, the key to making these message boards work is WORD OF MOUTH!  I just ask that you let others know about this service so they can get involved - and people can add to their circle of friends (and their list of activities).

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